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Steam rug cleaning

Steam rug cleaning will kill off and remove 100% of the dust mites and germs in your rugs. Have a badly soiled rug which needs a good washing? Try out the highly efficient, professional cleaning service offered by RCL Rug Cleaning London for private and commercial clients. The professional company has been successfully deep cleaning the rugs and carpets of the people and businesses of the area for over 15 years now.

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Deep Carpet Cleaner

Call ABC Carpet Cleaning NYC now and we’ll provide a high quality residential and commercial deep carpet cleaning services in the entire NY area.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry rug cleaning service is suitable for rugs which are made of delicate materials . The cleaner will do an assessment of the type of rug you have, in order to find the most suitable and efficient solution for cleaning it. Then the rug will be hoovered so that as much dust and dirt is removed from it as possible.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

If the inspection and the test has shown that the rug better not be treated with water, the professional rug cleaner will perform a dry rug cleaning. Dry cleaning is great for removing residue and dirt and doesn’t require any drying time. After the rug is hoovered with a professional vacuum cleaner, the cleaner will apply the dry cleaning powder or spray on it.

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Using Organic Materials if needed

Rather than harsh chemicals, ABC RUG CLEANERS prefers to use a natural carpet cleaner when taking care of your carpets and area rugs. This green-certified solution,, allows us to provide a healthy eco carpet cleaning service while still achieving some of the best results on the market.

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Water damage service repair

What is replaced during water damage removal? Removing water damage: materials mark the start of the restoration and repair process. The goal is restoring your property to its previous condition. So, which areas may need repairs and refurbishments? - Damaged flooring: marble, wooden, vinyl, sub-floors, or carpets.

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